Introducing VNS21

The Vantaa National Session is the 27th National Session of EYP Finland, meaning that we've been at this whole session thing for a while. These "National Sessions" are our annual flagship event and gather over 100 unique participants for 4 to 6 days. This year, we've planned a 6 day event online in the light of the Coronavirus pandemic. During these 6 days, we will be bonding, collaborating, discussing, and debating 9 different unique topics. You can find out more about these topics by visiting Committees in the menu. 

On this website, you can find use the menu toolbar at the top of the website to see what our session is about and the projects that come out of it. Even our social media accounts are linked, too! Check the bottom of the website to find even more exciting news and information about the event, and the other events EYP Finland organises across the year.