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VNS21 will be taking place at the end of June and overlapping into July, meaning that you'll probably have just had some Midsummer festivities and are perhaps looking forward to a summer cottage getaway in the near future. When you go to VNS21, you get the flexibility to go outside and enjoy the sunshine and warmth, while spending your evenings doing Committee Work, collaborating at the General Assembly, or munching on some snacks in a late night call with us.



VNS21 will be taking place everywhere and nowhere. You might ask, well, what does that mean? It means that the Vantaa National Session will be taking place totally digitally! That's right, no need to travel a huge distance to meet dozens of people. You get the chance to meet people from across Europe at the touch of your fingertips, the voice in your microphone, and the image from your camera. We'd say this is an awesome opportunity: you have the freedom to grab some tea and pour it into your favourite mug while talking about human rights to someone from Albania, Turkey, the Czech Republic... the world really is your oyster in VNS21!



This event is a big one, spanning over a week and bringing together around 100 people. These aren't just any people, these are people from all across Europe with some fresh ideas about how to tackle the hardest topics in today's world. This atmosphere is inspiring: in EYP, friendships are made to last and you'll get to hear personal insights from politicians about how youths can get involved in politics, too.