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The Faces of Sustainability

Vantaa 2021 - 27th National Session of EYP Finland will be taking place over 6 days at the end of June. People from around Europe will get the chance to discuss, engage, and collaborate about different topics. 

Take a look around this website to really immerse yourself in what we're doing and when. The main theme of our event is in Reconceptualising Sustainable Development, and through our media projects, session activities and resolution booklet we're going to show you how to do just that. Stay tuned!

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29 June 2021, 3:00 pm GMT+3 – 04 July 2021, 10:00 pm GMT+3


June 29th - July 4th


June 29th


CMOJ Day is also called Day 0 in EYP, which refers to the day that all the Officials gather before Delegates arrive. They'll be participating in a range of teambuilding activities and after they've gotten to know each other, they'll start attending modules prepared by their respective team leaders to help prepare for the event.

June 30th


During the Teambuilding day, delegates arrive to the event and are introduced to the different teams that make up the session. They eventually split off to their own committees that they've chosen beforehand, and start getting to know the people in their committee through icebreakers and collaborative tasks.

July 1st

Committee Work Day 1

The first day of Committee Work is where all the "real work" begins: the committees are in their own rooms and begin the initial discussions of what exactly their topic means, getting a bit of background information and identifying exactly what the topic is all about.

July 2nd

Committee Work Day 2 & Expert Visits

Committee Work Day 2 is the second day of discussion and debate on the Committee Topics, where the information found on CW Day 1 is being consolidated and possible solutions are being thought up of. On top of that, Experts from each committee's field will be visiting delegates to answer delegates' questions and to give them personal insight into the topic they've been discussing.

July 3rd

Committee Work Day 3 

The final day of Committee Work is an intense one, where the details of the ideas and conversations over the last few days all get compiled together. 

July 4th

General Assembly

The General Assembly is the final day of the National Session, and this is the section of the event where the ideas gathered in Committee Work come together in a nifty Resolution Booklet. Each topic will be debated with the other committees, giving delegates the chance to shine in delivering speeches and delivering compelling arguments to the audience.


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